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Hello Challengers!

Piles of MoneyHow is the money saving going? We’re (already!) at week 18 (5 months into the year) of the challenge so while still early we should be getting a nice visual of how our savings are accumulating.

I’m putting my weekly amounts directly into a savings account so my visual is the bank statement but it’s still really satisfying, especially when I think that it’s working away in the bank and earning me interest. There have also been a couple of weeks where I was able to knock off some of the larger amounts so I did that which has both made my first 18 weeks of savings look more impressive and given me a bit of breathing room so I won’t fall off the wagon if I have some tight financial weeks later down the line. So far so good! Hope you’re all going well with your challenges as well – however you are completing them.

*If you are new to the 52 week money challenge and want to know more about it please visit my previous posts: 52 week money jar challenge and 52 week money jar 2014. You can start any time – it doesn’t have to be only at the start of the calendar year, start today!