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Happy-New-YearAhhh New Year’s. The time to get all ambitious and motivated about what you’ll achieve in the year ahead, be it personal, financial, social or something you list every year yet have just never quite managed to tick off – despite your best intentions. This year I’m determined to be realistic and stay motivated and actually reach 2015 having reached my 2014 goals. I have two areas I need/want to focus on and I’m doing my best to be realistic as I set these goals to make sure they are actually doable.


  • Pay off $8,000 of my debt. Yep, you heard me, $8,000. This is probably my biggest and hardest goal, the one I’m really going to have to stay on top of for it to work. But it is doable, even when saving for a wedding and a trip to Australia (for my brother’s wedding). Which brings me to my next goal –
  • Start and maintain a wedding fund for our wedding in the start of 2015. We’re still setting the budget for this but the sooner I get savings up and going the better. From January 1st 2014 onwards 10% of each paycheck is going into a specially designated high interest savings account just for this.
  • My final financial goal for 2014 is to learn how to invest and to start an investment portfolio. This feels like my most grown up and ambitious financial goal just because I am starting from absolute zero. I don’t know anything about investing or how to go about starting so I have a lot of research and a steep learning curve ahead of me.


  • Plan and organise our wedding. Of course my beloved is also going to be doing this, so it’s not a solo task, but it is a large (yet exciting) one.
  • Actually use my gym membership. Not just know I have it (and have paid for it) and say to myself ‘tomorrow, I’ll go tomorrow’. 3 times a week. At least. I must go to the gym so it’s actually worthwhile paying for the membership. It’s not like it’s hard to go, it’s in the basement of my work building for goodness sake, I just need to be motivated…
  • Research and apply for PhD programs for 2015. Yep, you heard me, I’ve decided to go back to school.
  • Dedicate more time to my crafting and make my etsy store into a successful hobby/side business that supports itself (and possibly even generates a second income – you know, to help with my financial goals).
  • Learn a new skill, or even two. I can’t decide between hand embroidery or learning French or Spanish…

So those are my goals for 2014. Ambitious but all doable if I actually stick with them so I’m feeling optimistic. I will also be continuing some of the activities I started in 2013 – I will be doing the 52 Week Money Jar Challenge again as it was so great and I will also be continuing my regular snail mail correspondence with loved ones as I love paper post so much.

What about you? Any thoughts for what you want to achieve in 2014?