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DSC_0386I love snail mail. I love receiving it and I love sending it. There’s something about getting a handwritten letter that just makes me all fuzzy inside – the time, effort and thought that goes into them (especially in this age of email, texts and facebook) that is instantly felt. These easy, personalised, handmade envelopes are quick to make and sure to add that extra personal touch to any correspondence you send. On top of that they require only the materials you have already to hand – suiting my upcycling/recycling challenge perfectly and using up some of my (considerable) stash of bits of saved pretty papers.


  • Wallpaper/scrapbook paper/craft paper scraps or pieces
  • An envelope you like the size and shape of
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper/craft glue of choice
  • (Optional) Fasteners such as velcro dots, glue dots etc.



  • Carefully unseal the edges of your envelope and flatten out creases
  • On the wrong side of your scrap paper hold undone envelope in place and trace around its outline with your pencil

DSC_0371 DSC_0373

  • Cut out your paper around traced outline
  • Fold along creases to match original envelope

DSC_0376 DSC_0378

  • Glue along the side edges of your envelope and press bottom fold firmly in place

DSC_0379 DSC_0381

  • Attach fastener to tip of top fold, alternatively to seal your envelope just use clear tape across the tip once you’ve inserted your card/letter to post.

DSC_0382 DSC_0385

If I have lovely scraps that aren’t big enough for the envelopes themselves I will cut out their features – such as the bird above – and either stick them on the envelope or on the letter I write to put inside.



There you go! Five minutes (less time the more you make) and you have a lovely, unique envelope and have used up those odd pieces of paper that was just too nice to throw away. AND you know that whoever receives your personally encased note will do so with a smile!