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New shoesI love shoes. I really, really do. However new shoes often need to be broken in, especially if they are made of leather or have features that can rub until they’re softened up. Rather than going through days, even weeks, of pain and blisters and not being able to enjoy my new footwear straight away I use this nifty trick (thanks to Anna for teaching me this all those years back) to break them in straight away.


  • Hairdryer
  • Socks
  • New Shoes


  • Put on socks and slip into your shoes.
  • Aim the hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds (wiggle and stretch your feet inside the shoe for maximum benefit).
  • Keep the shoes on while they cool.
  • Remove the socks and test out shoes.

They should be stretched out and comfortable, but if you need more room, then repeat the process. And there you have it – new shoes ready to wear straight away!