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tiny pom pom
As a kid I loved making pom poms – it was fun and easy and quick and you got cool fluffy balls at the end – who wouldn’t love that? Well I recently discovered something that made pom poms even better – TINY pom poms! All that fluff in miniature – yay! And they’re even easier to make than regular pom poms.


  • Wool
  • Scissors
  • Fork



  • Wrap the wool around the outer two prongs until it forms a nice fat bundle.
  • Cut the end of the wool and using a new small piece or a little thread, bunch the wool together and tie really tightly so it is secure. Do this in the middle of the pom pom in between the prongs to make sure it’s central and not lopsided.
  • Slide your wool bundle off the fork and cut all the loops. Be sure to get them all –  some will be hiding down near the middle.
  • Trim all the extra long straggly bits so it is big, round and beautiful.

DSC_0339DSC_0341DSC_0343DSC_0344tiny pom pom

These seriously take less than 5mins to make and once you’ve got them you’ll be amazed how many things you think of to use them for. Present wrapping instead of bows, garlands to hang in the windows or around the mantel, glued to hair clips for a bit of fun and so on and so forth. I got a bit carried away last time I made these and now I’m just storing the extras in a jar for future use – and they’re cute just sitting on the shelf!

DSC_0347 DSC_0348