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10 weeksHello! Sorry about the absence but my computer had a freak out, as only computers can, but it’s fixed now and I’m back – yay!

So it’s week 10 of the money jar challenge and so far so good. I’ve managed to stay on track and put in the required amount each week. I haven’t swapped any of the big weeks around yet but I think I’ll do at least on of the 50s this month and get it out of the way.

So week 10 – that’s $55 saved so far and so easy! Of course the next few weeks will see it increase a bit more dramatically, I may have to post again once the $100 mark is passed, you know, cos of the excitement. I’m actually feeling really positive about this so far, I haven’t succumbed to ‘borrowing’ change out of the jar or skipping weeks and I’m getting quite a bit of satisfaction from crossing each week off and watching the jar incrementally get fuller. Yay money jar! How are you going if you’re also doing the challenge? Would love to hear what you think so far!