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Shower powerSo as spring creeps up on us and the days are lighter and brighter I’m starting to get into serious spring cleaning mode – where did all these cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling come from when there’s been no spiders in our cottage for months?

Anyway, a handy hint for the bathroom, more specifically the shower is this Tuesday’s tidbit. I find most of the time I put off cleaning because when I notice what needs to be done there’s nothing to hand to clean it with and I say ‘I’ll do it later’ when I have the cleaning stuff out and then of course forget.

Fill a dish wand half and half with good quality dish soap and white vinegar and keep it in your shower/bath then with just a bit of water and a few decent swipes your shower and/or tub will be nice and clean and shiny and all done just before or after (or even during if you’re keen) your shower. Voilà! Shiny and clean all the time!