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Doily gift tagsThese are so quick, simple to make and look lovely every time. With the festive season just past wrappings and tags and creative ways to present gifts and cards got a lot of my attention. Seeing this lovely and simple method of wrapping and tagging on Robbie and Erin‘s blog I was inspired to make a smaller version as gift tags

for attaching to presents. I already had all the required materials in my (overflowing) craft drawers so it was just a matter of assembly! I know the festive season is over now but these little beauties are so quick and pretty I wanted to share anyway – and Easter isn’t that far off you know.


  • firm card of your choice
  • paper doilies
  • hole punch
  • paper scissors
  • craft glue (clear drying)
  • string/twine/ribbon
  • pencil

doily gift tag - materials


  • Cut card to desired size and shape – remember you have to have space to write a name and/or message on there. I like circles for this because of the curve in my round paper doilies, but square and rectangle tags are lovely too and you can be as creative as you like. Punch a hole in one end of each card tag.


  • Trace half of your cut card onto the doily edging and cut it out of the doily


  • Glue the doily onto your card at the desired position – I like either half or a third of the card to be covered so you can see the doily pattern clearly and there’s a nice contrast between the doily and card.


  • Thread string/twine/ribbon through punched hole to desired length, trim and tie.


Ta-da! Cute, easy, personalised gift tags to attach to presents, baskets, jam jars etc. This is an easy project with lots of room for individuality and variation. If you have a go please share how yours turned out or any changes/variations you made.