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My 52 week money jarOk, ok I know it’s been AGES since I last blogged and I’m truly, truly sorry. I have no excuse, I could make some but I’ll save you all that drama. Anyway as my first post back and of 2013 I thought I’d start with something a little different to my previous posts: the 52 week money jar.

This doesn’t require any craft or cooking, just a large jar and this print out. As part of my New Year’s goals and ambitions being a bit more aware of my spending and trying to save a small portion of my monthly wages is right up there (in fact 3 of my goals are money related – savings, getting rid of debt and making a budget). This idea, stumbled upon on Pintrest and then again on Facebook seemed like a doable way of saving throughout the year. Basically you get a big jar, print out the list of 52 weeks and their amounts and stick it to your jar (inside or outside whatever you prefer) and each week you put in the amount next to that week. After 52 weeks you should have saved $1,378.00! That’s a nice Christmas present! Or holiday. Or chunk off any outstanding debt. Personally I think having the highest amounts to be deposited right in the holiday season may be a bit tricky though I get that it’s a cumulative process, still I might swap weeks 50, 51 and 52 with earlier weeks in the year just to make sure I keep putting money in each week.

I know it doesn't look like much now but it's only week 6, I promise it'll gradually get more impressive.

I know it doesn’t look like much now but it’s only week 6, I promise it’ll gradually get more impressive.

So there you have it! One of my 2013 resolutions off to a solid start (though I’m only starting it now I’ve caught up with the relevant week starting from January 1st – so 5 so far in the jar) and to keep me honest and on track I will post a pic of it every so often on this blog and you can all feel free to hound me about it as well. Otherwise, in a more positive way of support that also profits you, you can go scrounge up a jar, print off the regime and join me. Just think what $1,378.00 could do! If you do this, are already doing this or just have some ideas/feedback please comment – I’d love to hear anything you can contribute to this project.

PS. Thanks to Stuck at Home Mom for pinning this and making me aware of the game.