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I am always losing hairpins. Both from my hair and in the ether of my handbags. Honestly my custom alone could keep hairpin manufacturers in business year round I go through them so quickly! Sick of constantly scrounging around in the pockets and bottom of my bag for pins I decided to make a fail safe little container to keep them in and easy to find in my bag.

A friend of mine uses an empty Altoids tin for this purpose, which is great (and efficient recycling) but knowing me I’ll wrench the lid open and bobby pins will fly everywhere. I used an empty eclipse mints tin for a while too but I must really throw my bag around because the lid kept popping, or getting pulled open and i was back where I started. Finally, the perfect solution: empty tic-tac container. Perfect, safe in the bag, and you can control the amount of pins you take out at a time. In fact I saw the tic-tacs at the counter when buying the newspaper and had a light bulb moment and snapped them up. I’ve never eaten so many tic-tacs so fast, but I couldn’t just throw them out for the container – so wasteful! Now I have neatly pinned hair AND super minty fresh breath.