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This is just a quick home organisation post. I recently saw these nifty plastic pockets for your kitchen cupboards/pantry on Martha Stewart and upon seeing the price, plus shipping to the UK I decided it was much cheaper and just as easy to make my own. So here you are:


  • Plastic pocket/envelope of your choice (I just went to our local stationary store for mine)
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors


  • Cut and stick the tape to the back of your pocket on all four sides (I also did one diagonally through the middle for extra support
  • Decide where you want to hang it – kitchen door, hallway cupboard, pantry and make sure that surface is clean and dry
  • Remove the protector from the remaining side of the tape and press firmly against the chosen wall/door/space
  • Fill with whatever bits and pieces you wish – menus, bills, receipts, shopping lists.


And there you have it – neat and easy filing organisation at minimal cost and effort!