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Owls. They’re everywhere at the moment, jewellery, fabric prints, bags, homewares, tattoos and toys. And why not? Owls are full of character and can be interpreted in so many ways. I’m a fan I have to admit and when I was clearing out my craft drawers the other day and found these bright fabric scraps I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make some little owl soft toys – or plushies – of my very own. It’s actually quite a simple sewing/craft project so I thought I’d post it in case you too want your own owl posse!This project takes between 1/2hr and 1hr to do (depending on how many you decided to make) and though I use a sewing machine you can stitch them by hand if you prefer.


  • cotton/cotton blend fabric
  • scissors (material scissors if you have them)
  • hand sewing needle
  • sewing machine
  • thread
  • Pencil and/or tailor’s chalk
  • basic craft glue
  • felt in white, black and brown/orange
  • stuffing – I used cotton wool (pilfered from the bathroom supply) but the choice is yours
  • paper and pencil to draw your pattern (or simply print out mine if you choose, attached at the bottom of this post)*


  • Draw or print and cut out your owl template and trace around the paper onto the back side of the fabric. You need two sides for each owl you make.
  • Trace (using tailor’s chalk if you have it) the white and black rounds for the eyes (x2 for each owl) in the felt and the diamond in the brown for the beak and cut out
  • Using your craft glue stick the eyes and beak onto the right side of one of owl cut outs and let dry – usually no longer than 5 mins, depending on brand of glue.
  • With right sides together pin the front and back fabric pieces of the owl together and sew around it with a narrow hem.
  • IMPORTANT: leave a small opening in the hem, about two fingers wide, for inserting the stuffing

  • Cut threads and turn your little owl right side out.
  • Fill the owl with stuffing until it’s nice and plump, be sure to get some stuffing up into it’s ears and feet (I used my pencil to push the stuffing right into the corners)
  • Thread your needle and stitch up the opening in the hem, sealing in the stuffing.
  • Arrange your owls so they’re comfy, give them to someone who’ll enjoy playing with them or do what I did with a few and add a loop of ribbon or fabric to the top of their heads when sewing the hem and hang them as decorations.

And there you are! Fun little plushies full of character.

*My basic owl template, drawn to scale:Template