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Simple. Quick. Cheap. Effective.

I don’t know about you but the cords and cables of my various electronic devices (such as ipod, hone, laptop, printer, computer mouse, desk lamp, sewing machine etc)  constantly jumble together and tangle, fall onto the floor behind my desk and just look plain old messy! Fed up I was about to get drastic with them and go out to the hardware store for some kind of hard core cable do-dad when I remembered something I’d seen on the internet (I can’t for the life of me remember what site sorry) a while back the nifty idea of using binder clips (also known as bull clips) on the edge of my desk top. Let me demonstrate:

See! So neat! So simple! So awesome! And even if you don’t have any binder clips floating around your house you can get a set from your supermarket or newsagents for less than $2.00! Woot! I was so excited about my new use of these stationary (of which I seems to have quite a few though I’m not sure how I acquired them) that I google searched other uses for binder clips – apart from holding papers together. Buzzfeed had an awesome collection of ideas. I already use them as wrapping paper holders but I’m definitely going to be implementing these others.

Binder clips – the wonder stationary, who knew?