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I love this post by ohmontreal, it’s something I was never aware of before and now can’t wait to try! This is a fantastic idea. There’s something so plush and inviting about moss and being able to use it as a paint/tool for home/garden improvements just makes me like it more. Thanks for sharing ohmontreal!

by Anna Garforth. Spotted on design mom

Moss paint? Genius! Originally created by horticulturists keen to add interest to their gardens, this recipe couldn’t be easier. You’ll need several handfuls of moss, 12oz of buttermilk or a can of beer and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix in a blender until liquid and paint on the wall. Spray daily as it grows, as moss thrives when moist.

I have a date with the large, boring brick wall in my backyard. I’ll let you know how it goes. Just need to figure out what to write…

UPDATE: Here’s a great graphic explanation of how to go about making the moss paint. For those who’ve asked how long it takes to grow… I’ll let you know when I’ve gotten around to trying it! Have fun!

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