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Super easy, super cheap way of differentiating your keys from each other – also very clear. Instead of buying casings or getting keys cut in different colours (both of which can really make the $ add up). All you need is coloured nail polish, your keys and a bit of paper (so you don’t get nail polish on your table surface).



  • Nail polish (your choice of type and colour, I just used what was in my drawer)
  • Keys you want to paint
  • Scrap paper/ newspaper
  • Masking tape (optional)


  • Place key flat on scrap paper, choose nail polish and colour in the key head.
  • Leave to dry (depending on nail polish, 1-5 minutes).
  • Flip key over and repeat above steps on reverse side of key head.
  • Done!


  • I found more than one coat was necessary on each side to give a nice solid colour, especially if your keys have lettering embossed on them or you are using a light colour. I do 3 for good measure but you can get away with 2.
  • To keep the edge of my painting nice and neat I placed a piece of tape across the key where I wanted the paint to end. Once painting is finished and dry, simply peel off the tape. Or you can free-hand it.
  • Make sure the polish is properly dry before turning it over to paint the other side, otherwise it’ll stick to the paper.

There you are, aren’t they great? And so easy to find in your bag and tell apart. I love it when its this easy to get a good result.